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Your written Sales Strategy - have one right?

The Sales Strategy for winning companies is a living, breathing, well documented process often encompassing "Lead to Cash" or "Lead to Contract" processes. This Strategy is set by the C-suite with the help of Sales and Marketing leaders.

Without a documented Sales Strategy companies may find it difficult to adjust practices without merely guessing and hoping for improved results....often while repeating prior mistakes. Examples are campaigns/messages that return the same (poor) results as before, sales team structures (i.e: support engineers to sales rep ratio), commission structures, product bundles etc.

A written Sales Strategy defines a collection of working plans for a period of time complete with KPIs that measure the outcomes of the plans. Allowances for adjustments are made and during a defined period (mostly quarterly) a specific plan may be fine-tuned until it delivers the best results. Sometimes those "best results" did not move the needle and then that plan needs to moth-balled along with the history of how it was conducted.

That behavior allows mistakes to be avoided, and conversely allows winning plans to be expanded. Sort-of like Kaizen for Sales and Marketing....

With the reliance on technology such as Marketing Automation and CRMs it is critical that uses of this technology stack are planned through a Sales Strategy, and then executed while allowing Measure, Adjust and Perform processes. Too many companies rely on the mere presence of a technology stack as their Sales Strategy.

Without a Sales Strategy the pursuit of success becomes a series of guesses often resulting in blame for poor performance being placed on the Sales or Marketing team leaders.

The Sales Strategy of a company should be set by the C-suite of a company with the help of their Sales and Marketing leaders. Those leaders are then left to Execute the Strategy and in turn that ensures the support, awareness and buy-in from executives.

7SalesSteps help companies set their Sales Strategy, and then fine tunes their technology stack and train their leaders on how to execute the strategy.

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