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The Perfect Circle - why a sales process needs to be perfect in 2020.

hen software first became considered for business process automation (late 80's perhaps?), the vendor was king or queen.

Prospects were excited that they could improve on their business processes and get a competitive edge over their competitors.

But after almost fourdecades of being bombarded with software, operating systems, architecture changes (centralized / decentralized / client-side / server-side / thin-client / SOA / Web 2.0), the Internet and too many mergers and acquisitions to mention, prospects have good reasons to be skeptical.

Industry research firm Gartner captured the "hyped" and in my opinion tired state of affairs with a "Hype Cycle" depicted by the image below:

Project teams evaluating software are very aware of the "hyped" promises that "our software can absolutely do that" by best-of-breed vendors. However, they are also weary of "we collected best practices from the largest companies" excuses from larger ERP companies when explaining a lack of a critical feature.

In an environment where prospects are understandably skeptical, the vendor starts off on the defensive and everyone clamors for the same target market, how then do you differentiate yourself?

Through a perfect sales strategy, matched to the right target market served by a solution that works. That's how.

Merely showing up with a good product, good salesperson and a smooth PowerPoint or Zoom meeting is not good enough...and perhaps has never been. Still, there are companies that spend most of their time and dollars on product features, slick PowerPoint's, videos and repetitive emails blasts and webinars, while their CRM and sales processes are still...well, 10 years old!

While there are good models of sales processes out there and numerous books on the topic, the perfect sales process combines your own product, sales and marketing strategies into a perfect process for your company.

One size does not fit all.

If you want to improve sales dramatically, invest in your sales process.

It has to be the Perfect Circle to win consistently.


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