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Demand Generation and Lead Generation should be joined at the hip with Sales Processes.

If your Marketing Leaders and Sales Leaders are not jointly presenting KPIs then you probably hear "we don't have enough leads" and "our leads are just not good enough" ringing down the corridors as a great excuses for poor sales results.

Lets just look at one marketing activity KPI in email marketing: Call To Actions (CTAs).

So what if there were 50 CTAs in a 400 email marketing campaign but the follow-up action is undefined or unknown?

The entire marketing tech stack should be polled for relevance once a CTA is completed by a prospect. Yes, they did click to a landing page in an email, but has their company visited the website on their own this week prior to the email? Do they have any social media activity? Has anyone from that company attended a webinar or emailed a question? Is the company they work for in the news? What other intelligence about the lead source can you include in the follow-up action for the sales rep?

Considering the excellent tools available for tracking prospect behavior (SEO, Social Media Monitoring, LinkedIn etc.) companies should ensure they have the full package carefully put together for the sales rep when they start their follow-up. And that intelligence should only be in one place - the CRM. Asking reps to review a variety of data sources to form a picture of a prospect is not acceptable. Everything should converge in a single place as an action for the sales rep. We even give those actions a name - Directive Actions.

When valuable leads are identified, the right type of follow-up will quickly determine the outcome of the identified lead. And that moment should be supported by all the tools available to the company in marketing and sales.

If the leads you pass on to a sales rep is not bolstered by your entire tech stack investment, then you have lost an opportunity for the strongest and most effective follow-up.


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