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Are all the systems and technology you have invested into Sales and Marketing working together to get you new Leads?

"Call Sue, she is ready to buy 20 units this week."


"Sally from Acme is not happy with Product X. Call her and talk through the support and FAQs."

You already have Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You already have information from your customers based on their buying and support habits.

The internet has a lot of information from your prospects based on their own websites and their social media presence ( LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on.)

You may even have tools such as ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg, Dun&Bradstreet, HubSpot, Marketo, Datanyze that can offer more information on your customers and prospects.

We use tools you already have to create Directive Actions that help reps with what to do when they need to do it. 

Engineer Sales Results through Directive Actions.



Directive Actions are specific Tasks 

created by automated processes and distributed to Sales Reps on a daily basis.

Use Customer-Mirror data to create Directive Actions.

Social Media, Company Websites, RSS Feeds, Newswire Feeds and other sources  produce continuous content that are monitored daily to find ready buyers based on buying and timing keywords.

Directive Actions are added to email Inbox, Calendar and CRM as Tasks

We strongly believe that Sales Reps should only use ONE system to manage their sales efforts. Most CRMs allows Emails and Calendars to be integrated into the CRM.

Directive Actions are managed through Dashboards in the CRM.

Directive Actions impact (Closed Opportunities) and results are used to fine-tune future automation. 

Grow and upsell opportunities


New Opportunities from Buying and/or Timing Keywords

New Opportunities from News and Social Media Triggers


Artificial Intelligence allows us to identify the combination of Leads and buying/Timing keywords that produce the best results. Deal stages are monitored and follow-up best practices are built into the Directive Actions.


That way each win will help fuel another win. 




Sales Activities have two potential outcomes:

Closed or Lost.

By learning from both outcomes and adjusting Directive Actions by activities that lead to Closed opportunities you can grow from your own experiences.

Sales Reps and their actions are often left untouched in terms of influencing new behavior. That leads to repetition of behavior that does not improve performance.

7SalesSteps uses Artificial Intelligence to translate Sales Rep behavior into data. This data is then mixed with Customer-Mirror data into Directive Actions to deliver more positive outcomes. 

Example of positive outcomes from Directive Actions include the following:

  • Signed Contract

  • Follow-up Meeting

  • Request for Proposal

  • Referral to another Lead

  • Request for Information

  • Contract Renewal 

  • Cross-sell / Up-sell Contract

Directive Actions consist of natural language directions such as "Call Joey and discuss their renewal on July 7th - they started talking about this 4 months ahead of renewal date last year. Click here to see the Opportunity and current contracts."

By using natural language Sales Reps are more inclined to repeat the language and be direct with their follow-up. Confident Sales Reps complete their Tasks more often and with more success than their counterparts.

Directive Actions are measured in terms of their performance.

Sales Reps also rate Directive Actions based on their impact. 

This feedback is used to adjust Directive Actions to improve performance and is part of Step 6 - Adjust.

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