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  Prospects will respond to you when their profile, buying reasons and buying timing matches your value proposition. If you get any of that wrong, then you can waste a lot of money and time chasing prospects that will never buy.


Getting Coffee

  Existing Accounts contribute approximately 60% of revenue for businesses still in growth mode. Most companies however do not have systems or processes that keep their customer profiles up to date. Title changes, business focus changes and other dynamics at customers are often left unaddressed. Sales reps are not trained or do not have access to realtime information of changes to the profiles of their customers.

  Companies who have segmented their customers appropriately continue to grow their customer base through upsell, expansion and new opportunities.


Account Review programs are essential to not only grow revenue from your customers, but also help you understand what your prospects should look like. Your Sales Processes and Systems should allow for customer profile to be up to date at all times.



  Buying Reasons are the reasons you have customers. It is important to have a concise list of buying reasons for every customer. Buying Reasons include a description of the reason that the customer moved from being a non-buyer to a buyer.   What were the titles of the decision-maker, the user of the solution, and who were the Sales rep at the time.

  Why did customers renew subscriptions or buy new products? Or kept service or maintenance agreements?

  Having a process to capture a concise list of buying reasons and system that can help decide the reasons are essential to build a customer-mirror solution. 


Giving a Presentation

  Buying Timing goes hand-in-hand with Buying Reasons. If you have the reasons and the timing of how specific profiles of your customers bought from you before, you can use Big Data, the Internet and your Customer-Mirror tool to find the exact same new buyers.

Effective Customer-Mirroring is the reason most fast-growing companies grow.



With all the available data on company and contact behavior how is it that sales reps still do not have enough high quality leads?

A consistent flow of actionable Marketing Qualified Leads is impossible to achieve without a custom  Customer-Mirror process constructed from your Sales and Marketing Systems. In some cases additional systems will need to be added, but most companies can improve their actionable leads even with a partial implementation.

The Customer-Mirror process consists of tailoring your existing tools to produce actionable leads. Combining Customer-Mirror and Directive Actions allow you to engineer sales success.

7SalesSteps configures your existing systems and/or provide missing systems to deliver  Customer Mirroring.




We upload your Firmographics, Contacts and Keywords.


We add Leads that are ready to buy.


We give your Sales Team specific Actions to complete.


We find missing data on your Existing Customers and

complete it through data augmentation.

We add new Leads that mirror your Existing Customers.

We help you establish buying reasons and buying timing keywords.




CM Process.png

Our software and services help you focus your sales team

on activities that produce the best results.

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