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Marius Swart has been impacting business growth in North America

since leaving South Africa in 1995.

Having lived and worked in several countries, Marius has helped companies across the globe improve their sales performance.


As a seasoned CEO Marius has led the growth of several companies, and uses that expertise to help business leaders with strategy and execution of their sales and marketing processes.


7SalesSteps' tool-set of winning strategies, sales processes, marketing processes and systems continues to evolve and the blend of best practices and software tools provide businesses with impactful solutions in record time. 

Marius has built up a strong set of solutions ranging from ready-to-go strategies to hands-on assessments, processes and software that can be matched to a variety of company sizes and industries.

Marius has been CEO of an IT/Software Company of the year in 2001, received awards for Top Products of the Year in 2004, is the inventor of several business process patents and is an accomplished speaker on Sales Strategies.

Marius lives on Lake Conroe in Houston, Texas with his wife Dennis-Kay

and his cats Mickey and Mouse.

For fun he likes exploring roads, playing golf and being in his music studio.

"Our best clients know their business should grow. 

They often just need that final adjustment and push to get the sales engine started.

Motivated leaders that make sales their number one priority achieve the best results."


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